Natural Sleep Aids: Which Ones Are Safe?

Although magnesium holds promise as a potential sleep aid, experts caution that more high-quality studies are needed to understand the relationship between sleep and magnesium. Whether sleep problems are infrequent or happening every night, the first step to getting better rest may be to improve your sleep habits or seek cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBT-I). When these approaches are not effective, many people benefit from short-term use of a sleep aid.
A doctor or dietitian can offer guidance and advice to people with concerns about choosing the best vitamin brand for their health needs. The USP certification of Kirkland Signature products, which means they pass tests for quality, potency, and purity, sets these vitamins apart from other bulk vitamins. Many of its products are available in gummy form, which may suit people who have difficulty ingesting solid supplements, such as tablets and capsules. Nordic Naturals sells a wide range of omega supplements, including options suitable for vegetarians and vegans. It is a vertically integrated company, meaning the company grows most of the ingredients used in supplements on its own organic farms.
The position paper outlines the cardiovascular effects during sports of doping substances, prescribed and over-the-counter medicines, legal performance-enhancing supplements, and experimental drugs. St. John’s wort is a common supplement taken to treat depression, anxiety and sleep disorders, but it has the potential to cause a dangerous interaction with chemotherapy medications. Overall, caution should be used when considering taking any supplement before or during cancer treatment, especially in light of the lack of research around the benefits of most supplements during chemotherapy. While adaptogenic herbs like Rhodiola and Holy Basil may help your body adjust to stressors, nootropics tackle the body’s ability to support memory and overall cognitive function. As discussed earlier when talking about holistic herbs, herbs are versatile, and anadaptogen can be a nootropic, as with Rhodiola.
Use the world’s first herb traceability tool to discover the origin of your herbs and see validation of your product’s quality. This prebiotic fiber supplement is designed to support digestive health and regularity. A vegan superfood greens powder that supports cleansing, energy, and rejuvenation and has a delicious flavor. Our fast-acting cherry-flavored magnesium powder provides a natural source of magnesium, which many people are lackin… Standard Process products labeled as Non-Soy or Non-Soy Formula have been formulated to not contain soy or soy-derived ingredients.
SmartyPants provides batch-specific certificates of compliance for its products. However, it is not clear whether this certification derives from third-party analyses. The company provides its own COA for every product on request. has also tested and verified some of these products. The company’s website states that products labeled as gluten-free contain less than 20 ppm of gluten, according to FDA guidelines.
Small studies have shown St. John’s wort to be effective at treating mild depression. When lions mane comes to supplements, there’s so much hype about their potential benefits that it can be hard to separate fact from fiction. While it’s true that vitamins and minerals are essential to health, it’s not true that taking them in pill, capsule, or powder form — especially in megadoses — is necessary or without risks. In one study, the micronutrients in this formulation reduced impairment and improved inattention, emotional regulation, and aggression.
So naturally, ingredient quality became our primary ranking factor. L-theanine, an amino acid, occurs naturally in green tea and may account for some of this healthy drink’s beneficial properties. L-theanine may help reduce stress, improve mood, and contribute to improved brain health. GABA derives from glutamate, an amino acid that commonly appears in many high-protein foods. However, direct sources of GABA in the diet are rare, so many people try an OTC GABA supplement to relieve stress and boost cognitive function.
In addition to getting Vitamin C from fruits and vegetables, I take at least 500 mg of supplemental Vitamin C every day. If you take a medication to manage your anxiety, or simply have anxiety and want to manage it better, I recommend supplementing with Vitamin B6. This is because these medications can actually further deplete Vitamin B6, increasing anxiety in the long run. It accomplishes this by playing a key role in the production of calming neurotransmitters in your brain, including serotonin and GABA. Ginkgo Biloba is a plant that has been used in China for thousands of years to treat a number of health problems.
When it comes to concrete recommendations for magnesium for anxiety across the board, however, more studies need to be done. Recent reviews on the safety and efficacy of ashwagandha for anxiety suggest that while effects are generally positive, study sizes are small. More research on the right amount and length of time ashwagandha must be taken as a replacement for or adjunct to traditional therapies are needed.
More clinical trials of longer duration are needed to see the effects of folic acid supplementation and effective dosages on cognitive function. To protect and improve their health, many people purchase dietary supplements and herbal medicines over the counter—often assuming they’re regulated like drugs. While the law requires pharmaceuticals to meet specific quality standards set by USP, the same requirements don’t apply to supplements. That’s why we’ve created quality standards and a verification process specifically for these health products, giving manufacturers the tools they need to safeguard the health of their consumers. Brands that display the USP Verified Mark signal to the public that what’s on their label is what’s in the bottle, allowing their vetted product to stand apart from a majority of the competition.
Products containing kava may cause liver problems, and taking them with alcohol can increase the risk. In addition, central nervous system side effects of kava such as dizziness and drowsiness may be increased by alcohol. Use with anticoagulant drugs like warfarin may decrease the blood thinning effects of the anticoagulant and increase the risk for a clot. The dietary supplement is most likely effective for coenzyme Q-10 deficiency, or reducing the symptoms of mitochondrial disorders, which are conditions that affect energy production in the cells. Let’s face it, drug interactions are complicated, so have all of your medications — even herbals, vitamins and other OTCs — screened by your pharmacist to review for black cohosh drug interactions. The FDA can and does seize and remove from the market tainted, contaminated, fraudulent or unsafe dietary supplements when they are aware of problems.
The roots and stems of the valerian plant are made into teas, tinctures, capsules, extracts, and tablets. While each type of preparation has its fans, the tea can have an unpleasant odor, and researchers generally use liquid extracts or capsules in their research. Valerian is usually recommended for people with insomnia or general problems with sleep quality. Most people report that it is more effective once they have been taking it for several weeks.
The product is certified for accuracy and purity by Labdoor, a third-party supplement testing company. All three types of magnesium are chelated to improve absorption. It’s often recommended to take iron supplements with a meal. You can also consume the nutrient itself by taking an iron supplement.