L1 Visa Stamping Interview Questions

You must have discretionary authority over day-to-day operations of the project you manage by setting goals, budgets, and timelines. Consulates may annotate blanket L visas with the name of the actual employer on the I-129S even if that subsidiary or affiliate employer name is not in PIMS. This is an important question that you need to answer carefully. Mention the logical reasons as to why the locals cannot perform the job that you are supposed to do after you are transferred to the US. The immigration officer wants to know the details of your primary contact such as his/her name, residential address etc.
l1b vs h1b are for companies to transfer managers or executives from their overseas offices to a U.S. office or for companies to send managers or executives to start a new office in the United States. Both types of managers or executives must have worked full-time for the company continuously for at least 1 year within the 3-year period prior to filing to enter the United States. Dual intent visas allow the foreign person to have both an intent to temporarily stay in the United States and an intent to permanently stay in the United States. The intention to permanently stay in the United States can be shown when the foreign person has a pending green card petition with the USCIS or an approved PERM labor certification from the U.S. The initial L1A visa grants a period of stay for up to 3 years and renewals are granted in increments of 2 years up until the maximum limit of 7 years is reached. Any time spent physically outside the United States can be recaptured for the maximum limit of 7 years of the L1A visa status.
After the maximum 7 years of the L1A visa is reached, the person must remain physically overseas for at least 1 year before filing for a new L1A visa petition. You’ll be able to continue working in the United States under your L-1 visa while your green card application in pending. Still, as the spouse of a green card holder it’s worth applying for a temporarywork permit(officially called the “Employment Authorization Document,” or EAD) along with your main application. There’s no extra fee, and if you secure a work permit you’ll be able to continue working in the United States even if your L-1 visa expires before you receive your green card. Because the EB-2 visa can be hard to obtain, if you’re in L-1B status and married to a green card holder, it’s worth considering a marriage green card.
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In fact, it is better for both spouses to file the green card applications at the same time. A rough estimate for the Form I-129 petition for the L1A visa is around 6 to 12 months . However, a 15-day premium processing (Form I-907) is available for the Form I-129 part of the L1A visa petition.
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I have submitted all required documents, after 1 days of submission my husband reviewed DS 160 form again and came to know that he has given principal applicant name as my Name instead of his name. What should we do now, when i check status online it shows passport is with Consulate. Is there any way to contact them and correct the information. If the L1 visa holder applies for green card, then the spouse with L2 visa can also be included in the green card application.