15 Donation Page Examples to Inspire Your Online Fundraising Great Fundraising Ideas

So, we were able to focus on the cause itself and raise donations in a user friendly manner. I want to thank this platform for the opportunity it gave me to raise funds for my cause. It really helped me and I got positive reviews about it from my donors. I am so glad you are running this website which is helping changing people’s lives. Whether you need to speak to your donor in person or on paper, it’s not easy to ask for the donations that your organisation and your beneficiaries need.
More than 110,000 donorsiBased on our records of donors who’ve contributed either to GiveWell or to our recommended charities.— Learn more have trusted GiveWell to direct their donations. Together, they have given over $1 billioniBased on our records of the money we’ve directed to our recommended charities since 2011.— Learn more to the organizations we recommend. One of the easiest ways to double your fundraising revenue is by providing matching gifts. Most corporations have programs that promise to match donations given by their employees. Many online donation pages are optimized for mobile devices, which is important given the increasing number of people who access the internet via smartphones and tablets.
It takes approximately six weeks from application submission to final approval and actual funding date. Read our guide on how to get a small business loan for the process and what to expect after applying. Some reviews mention limited or poor customer service with GoFundMe.
They help your team identify exactly what is working and what is not, allowing you to quickly pivot when needed. Smart ask features and predictive analytics help you make smarter appeals and ensure that you don’t ask a potential donor for $25 when they are likely to give $250. Fundly empowers people and organizations to support and nurture the causes and communities they care about. Their donation platform is easy to use, helpful and scales to any size fundraiser. Kickstarter’s all-or-nothing model allows you to choose a funding goal and a set number of days to reach that goal. This way, you don’t get stuck without enough funds to realize your project.
You can also access best-in-class support from Double the Donation to help maximize your matching gift revenue. People spend most of their time on social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok and others. So, it makes sense to strategically grab eyeballs on those platforms. It further helps you connect with potential donors worldwide, maximizing your outreach. Your NGO can share initiatives and portray real-life stories through a proactive social presence to bond with the community.
What makes Fundrazr unique is that it provides tools to nonprofits so that they can get the most out of their crowdfunding campaign. Some of the perks of using Fundrazr include expert coaching, an interactive onboarding process, improvement tips, performance analytics, and human response support. If Great Fundraising Ideas is new to crowdfunding, Fundrazr is a good option because it will guide you through the entire fundraising process. TheShareWay is another fundraising website that helps nonprofit organizations find suitable donors. Its directory allows users to browse through countless donors who offer raffle items, food, beverages, and other in-kind donations. In their first two years of operation, TheShareWay connected thousands of nonprofits to businesses in the Bay Area.
Educators then order the items themselves and thank donors with detailed updates on how they spent the money. Founded in 2014 by Ron Miller, Howard Marks, and Paul Kessler, the company now has ABC’s “Shark Tank” host Kevin O’Leary as a strategic advisor. StartEngine is a platform that enables people to become investors in early-stage startups.
For charities and nonprofits, the PayPal fundraiser function is completely free to set up and use. Furthermore, the Generosity Network promises that 100% of donations will go to the chosen cause, eliminating the platform and transaction fee some other fundraising sites have. Fundraising sites are an invaluable resource for nonprofit organizations. They enable groups to create fundraising campaigns, spread awareness of their cause, and raise important funds to support their work, all with minimal resources and at a low cost. The people behind this platform are experts in fundraising online, and are willing to consult with you on your campaign.